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DERRICK INGS AIRCRAFT SALES (DIAS) can arrange delivery flights whether it be in the UK, Europe or around the globe.


Whilst Derrick Ings, Principal of DIAS, has personally ferried aircraft both within continental Europe and across the cold water of the North Atlantic between the USA, UK and Europe, the service offered here is that of arranging the professional ferry of your aircraft using one of DIAS preferred Ferry Companies.


Most people think of aircraft ferrying as the flight between USA/Canada and UK/Europe but let’s not forget the repositioning of aircraft across the great land masses of the major continents, including Africa, or ‘the big one’ the long flight down to Oz or NZ, or even the shorter distance of simply moving an aircraft between airfields within the home country.


Whatever your ferry/repositioning need DIAS would be happy to arrange matters for you.


Depending on insurance requirements, an owner can often crew alongside the Ferry Pilot, don’t hesitate to ask about this.


So, whether you need to move a Cessna 152 from your farm strip to a local airfield for maintenance, bring a new aircraft from a USA factory to a new home in Europe or maybe even ferry a Jumbo from Iceland to Sydney, call DIAS.



No price canvassers please, only genuine calls for help


"Be a seeker of truth rather than a detector of contradiction"

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